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Getting in Touch

You can email me if you can guess the address. Hint: .

You can find me on Facebook and Linkedin. I also have a couple of small projects on Github.

About my Work and Tech Interests

I’ve worked in technology for Bank of America since 1998. I presently manage Level 3 software support in ATM Technology but have held many different positions over the years. I spent several years as a developer working mostly with C# and related technologies. I’ve been in various architecture and management roles (some with lots of hands-on, some not so much ) since 2006 but have continued to pursue technical interests on my own as well. In my current role we do some operational support but mostly are focused on software maintenance for the Bank’s extensions and customizations to the ATM client software as well as some of the custom server-side applications that the ATM uses. I’m fairly hands-on in this role and there is a bit of C++ code I’ve written running in every BAC ATM transaction.

As a hobbyist I have done a few small projects in Ruby on Rails – my first started at around Rails version .10 but I have never done enough Rails in any one version to become really proficient. In 2012 I started on a languages kick and have dabbled in several functional languages – starting with Odersky’s Functional Programming in Scala course at Coursera and then a few months dive into Erlang and Elixir which resulted in a couple of small libraries, one of which is still in use in that community.

Since summer of 2013 I’ve been doing lots of Haskell development. The learning curve was pretty steep but I’m long since comfortable with the language, its tooling and ecosystem. I have a few small libraries on Hackage, listed on the projects page. I’ve also had forays into C++11 (for Game development) and Rust, though I have not released much of my own work in those languages.

I’ve been hacking on Linux off and on since 1996 but in the last several years I’ve really gotten deeper into it as a result of it becoming more applicable in my day job, where we use RHEL and Cygwin. At home and in my personal projects I use Ubuntu.


Heather and I have been married for more than ten years and it seems they have just flown by. Our son Jonah joined us in 2009 and has been a tremendous blessing. His sister Laura joined us in September 2012. Most of my time outside of work is spent with my family.